about us

We’re a husband and wife photo + film team based in Newport, Rhode Island with our sweet little boy, Hudson, and our pup, Polly. Our ritual each morning starts with a cup of coffee and a walk through town. We’re believers in God and we value love above everything.

in our downtime we're...

Creating with our hands. Keeping things simple. Ev can usually be found playing guitar and rereading something written by Cormac McCarthy. Samara enjoys a good book and a quiet morning, writing and painting, a swim in the ocean, and cooking up healthy food in the kitchen.

soaking up this sweet time in life. lots of laughter. lots of learning. 

We both love to travel. The beauty of earth and the awe it commands, the excitement of waking up in a new place, the unplanned adventures, the long drives, sleeping under the stars, the lack of clothing options, the new friends and their stories, the unforeseen challenges, the culture, finding the best spots for coffee; all of it, really.

We watch a lot of films and draw much of our inspiration from them.

And we love opening up our home to share a good meal.

how we shoot & what inspires us

We use natural light as often as we can whether it's during dreamy golden hour, tucked in the woods on a rainy day, or out by the ocean with gray skies. We keep things genuine by not changing how the day nor moments unfold. We simply capture them from our perspective. 

We value the people we meet and have the opportunity to work with + love getting to know our couples before their wedding day.

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable having us around so that we can capture you and your love organically; in a way that feels easy and enjoyable for you. We’re truly inspired by the connection between two people in love. It’s beautiful to film + photograph and we want to be able to give you something tangible to hold onto these memories for a lifetime.