Hearts bursting over here, y’all + We recently had the opportunity to take our good friends, Sarah & Jon, out for an engagement session. We kind of went everywhere from the woods to the ocean. And then we thought it’d be cool to take them downtown, but it didn’t last long because everyone started harassing us – they literally thought we were paparazzi following around a famous couple, ha! So when you scroll to the end and see them randomly holding ice cream cones that’s what that’s all about. I think what we loved most about this shoot was being able to see our friends in this beautiful, vulnerable place. Photographing people puts your friendship on a whole new level. You get to tip-toe up close and snap pictures while they share intimate moments & make each other laugh. You get to see how he helps her fix her hair or tell her when she has mascara running down her face. You get to see how she sneaks kisses to him even when you didn’t ask her to. You get to see how they care for one another and you truly just fall in love with them. We cannot wait to be a part of their wedding next summer!

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